Still by Three Wise Men Studios 


In just a few months, our world and life as we know it has been shaken up and we’ve all had to adapt to change. But was any of this foreseeable, and what other, far more extreme changes lie just around the corner for us? What more life-changing developments are building up as we speak while we’re busy struggling to regain the rhythm of our daily routines?

This high-concept solo performance guides the audience on an exploration into a future world where the very concept of humanity has been adapted and modified beyond recognition. A fantastical look into our future history with the ravages of climate change, the rise of artificial intelligence and the altered value of human life which will stay with audiences long after the end of the show and will illustrate how, both on a personal as well as a universal level, change can either be deliberate and voluntary, or inevitably random and obligatory.

Duration: 60 mins

Ages: 14+

Cast: 1F/M


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0.0031% was first produced by Give or Take Productions on the 27th & 28th November 2020 at Spazju Kreattiv, Valletta as part of Science in the City.


2020 Production

Director - Denise Mulholland

Light Design - Chris Gatt

ASM - Kimberly Agius

Original Cast

Dryskoll - Malcolm Galea

Zimi (Voice) - Maxine Aquilina