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 Still by Three Wise Men Studios 

Plastic & Chicken Bones

In the future​ time-travel will be possible - although highly regulated and used exclusively by future humans to try and undo the nuclear damage of a war that's yet to come. Dryskoll is a retro-fixer who ends up stranded in the present day owing to a miniscule margin of error. Unless they're rescued in an hour, they will glitch, and as they await their fate, they reflect on what caused them to be in their current predicament - and what lies ahead for the human race.

This high-concept solo performance won the Voice Mag Best Newcomer Award at the Brighton Fringe, 2022. "A thoroughly thrilling dystopian sci-fi social commentary, challenging technology advancements, climate change, and geopolitics in an outstanding performance. A poetic blend of Brave New World x Black Mirror x I Robot; if you enjoyed them, you’d love this." Voice Mag

Duration: 60 mins

Ages: 14+

Cast: 1F/M


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Voice Magazine

Stills by Three Wise Men Studios & Photos by Peter Williamss and Rio Warner

The Reviews Hub

Plastic and Chicken Bones was first produced by Give or Take Productions on the 27th & 28th November 2020 at Spazju Kreattiv, Valletta as part of Science in the City.


2020 Production

Director - Denise Mulholland

Light Design - Chris Gatt

ASM - Kimberly Agius

Original Cast

Dryskoll - Malcolm Galea

Zimi (Voice) - Maxine Aquilina

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