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Jack and the Beanstalk

Jack and Jill went up the hill to fetch a pail of water

Jack fell down and rolled around

With his lordship's daughter

The Count was grieved to see the girl behaving in that fashion

He grabbed the lout and kicked him out

To quell the young man's passion

Good old Jack and his poor mum said "what will happen now!"

And so, hell-bent to pay the rent,

Jack went to sell the cow

He sold the cow for magic beans, which really made his day

His mum went red and smacked his head

And threw the beans away

A beanstalk grew throughout the night that burst the stony ground

All came to see this magic tree

From miles and miles around

A hand came down and snatched poor Jill right off the garden floor

None could resist that giant fist

And Jill was seen no more

A Fee-Fi-Fo and then a Fum drowned out Jill's desperate cry

All looked to Jack to get her back

Who climbed towards the sky


The script may be adapted for other productions. For more information, send an email.

"Though I have passed the stage up to which panto, if done competently and with a feeling for spectacle and glamour, is a source of undiluted delight, I found myself passing a very pleasant evening"

Times of Malta

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Jack and  the Beanstalk was first produced by Masquerade Theatre Company from the 22nd December 2008 - 11th January 2009 at Teatru Manoel, Valletta.


2008 Production

Director - anthony bezzina

Musical Director - Kevin Abela

Choreographer - Jes Sciberras

Original Cast

Jack - Paul Cuschieri

Dame - Jo Zette

Count da Pennies (Baddie) - Brendon Mannyx

Jill - Talitha Dimech

Narrator - Manuel Cauchi

Fairy La - Daphne Said

Fairy Godfather - Joseph Zammit

Lazycat (Sidekick 1) - Malcolm Vella

Firepuss (Sidekick 2) - Sharon Bezzina

Guru Kevin - Christian Galea

Butcher - Matthew Manfré

Little Red Riding Hood - Lisa Mizzi

Featherbottom - Ema Marie Attard

Harp - Kristina Frendo

Giant's Voice - Narcy Calamatta


Alexander Gatesy Lewis, André Agius, André Mercieca, Ema Marie Attard, Daniel Galea, Debbie Brownrigg, Greta Treeby, Kristina Frendo, Lisa Mizzi, Marco Calleja, Maria Caruana, Martina Buhagiar, Matthew Manfré, Petra Sant, Rachael Tedesco Triccas, Roberta Rizzo, Stefania Galea, Victor Bonanno, Warren Caruana

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