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 Photo by Raymond Galea 

Snubbed Actors Inc.

A comedy duologue about the diverse difficulties of people who act for a living. Following a failed audition, the eponymous Snubbed Actors discuss their life choices and the sheer injustice of being prevented from doing what they love because of something as trivial as a director hating them. Opting to cut out the middleman, the duo decide to put up their own play. They have no resources, no script, no inspiration... Just an endless supply of raw enthusiasm.

Taking the form of a comic documentary of how the play itself was made, Snubbed Actors Inc. is a celebration of the theatre maker's life and the work and love involved in staging a play.

Based on a fabricated true story.

Duration: 1hr, 40mins

Ages: 12+

Cast: 2


For more information, send an email.

"a good commercial script in which Galea and Dingli also confirm their expressive and technical abilities as actors"

Times of Malta

Snubbed Actors Inc. (Act 2 Scene 3): Looking for inspiration in a roomful of (imaginary) junk with a large mirror, the snubbed actors accidentally set off an unseen musical device and desperately try to find it.

Snubbed Actors Inc. (Act 2, Scene 4): The snubbed actors look for inspiration by going to see the play whose audition they had failed. It was the failure of this audition that made them decide to create a play about themselves staging a play.

Snubbed Actors Inc. was first produced by Malcolm Galea and Christopher Dingli on the 4-6 June 2004 at St James Cavalier, Valletta.


2004 Production

Directors - Malcolm Galea & Christopher Dingli

Stage Manager - Rebecca Anastasi

ASM - Erika Vella

Video & Audio - Angele Cauchi

Backstage - Karen Polidano

Original Cast

Malcolm Galea

Christopher Dingli

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