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Karen Decelis and Naomi Said beneath the

 Photo by Jacob Sammut 

Id-Dlam taħt it-Teatru

(The Dark beneath the Theatre)

Ever since the Manoel Theatre was opened in 1732, there have been rumours about the mysteries concealed in the damp darkness beneath the surface. This original play delves into the subterranean depths under the Manoel stage and unearths a dark secret that has been lying dormant for centuries.

The winner of the Francis Ebejer Playwriting Award (Plays for Young People Category) in 2012, ‘Id-Dlam taħt it-Teatru’ tells the story of Sabrina, a sixteen-year-old actress whose curiosity and loneliness get the better of her, causing her to stray where she shouldn’t have gone and come face to face with what shouldn’t have existed. There she discovers a long-hidden secret that very few people have ever come into contact with and lived to tell the tale.

Duration: 80 mins

Ages: 10+

Cast: 2F, 5M


The script is in Maltese and may be translated. For more information, send an email.

Photos by Jacob Sammut

Id-Dlam taħt it-Teatru was first produced by More or Less Theatre on the 17th & 18th May 2014 at Teatru Manoel, Valletta.


2014 Production

Director - Malcolm Galea

Artistic Director - Chris Gatt

Assistant Director - Justin Kyle Camilleri

Original Cast

Sabrina - Naomi Said

Lexy - Karen Decelis

Eric - Andrew Borg Carbott

William - Philip Leone-Ganado

Gabriel - Joseph Zammit

Alfred - Kris Spiteri

Cospicorn - Luke Brincat

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