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 Photo by Sebio Aquilina 

Merry Poppins

It's no secret that Mikey and Jane, the Governor's teenage children, are spoilt and unruly brats. Unable to handle their precocious behaviour any longer, their father calls for the world's favourite nanny to come and keep an eye on them. However, owing to a small error, they end up getting her distant cousin Merry Poppins instead.

Together with her friend Bertie, Merry takes the children on a magical journey in an attempt to teach them some manners. However all is not well... The princess of the magical land is being hassled by the Dark Duke Derek who is trying to take her kingdom. At the same time, the evil and immeasurably wealthy Lord and Lady Richman have set a nefarious plot in motion that could well see the downfall of the Governor.

Will good win over evil? And more importantly, will Merry Poppins succeed in disciplining the children - thereby securing herself a cushy government job as a reward?


The script may be adapted for other productions. For more information, send an email.

Photos by Sebio Aquilina

Merry Poppins was first produced by the MADC  from the 20th December 2014 - 4th January 2015 at the MFCC Ta' Qali.


2014 Production

Director - Malcolm Galea

Musical Director - Paul Abela

Choreographer - Alison White

Original Cast

Merry Poppins (Dame) - Alan Montanaro

Lady Richman (Baddie) - Katherine Brown

Lord Richman (Baddie) - John Montanaro

Bertie - Joseph Zammit

Dark Duke Derek - Alexander Gatesy Lewis

Princess Fuzzyfluff - Taryn Mamo Cefai

Governor Banks - Francesco Nicodeme

Mrs Banks - Katja Brauneis

Mikey - Luke Saydon

Jane - Mandy Randon

Double Daisy - Chiara Hyzler & Steffi Thake


Anton Saliba, Audrey Scerri, Carly Zarb, Clara Agius, Eliza Aquilina, Emma Micallef, Gabrielle Debono, Gabrielle Sargent, Gianni Grioli, Jacob Farrugia, Kurt Galea, Lara DeGabriele, Matteo Depares, Monique Dimech Genuis, Nicola Azzopardi, Nicole Zammit, Rambert Attard, Roberto Agius, Stephen Mintoff

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