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 Photo by Francesca Rizzo 

R+J Forever

a Mash-Up Musical

The picturesque town of Verona has been taken over by ultra-rich Hollywood types and wannabe celebrities who have suddenly decided that it's fashionable to own a mansion on Capulet Hill. The local kids who live around Montague market don't get on very well with the spoilt Capulet brats and fights are not uncommon.

However there are always exceptions, and in this backdrop of social tension and unease, a love would bloom that would transcend cultural boundaries and time itself. When Romeo, a mischievous Montague boy, first lays eyes on Juliet, a fledgeling pop star with a dominating mother, events would be set in motion that would redefine the very concept of love forever.

Aimed for a teenage audience, this exhilarating show retells the classic love story of Romeo and Juliet in a relatable modern-day pop culture setting that makes the tragedy hit home with no filters. This show is also ideal for young actors and creatives to showcase their skills.

Duration: 120 mins

Ages: 12+

Cast: 6F, 5M

Large productions may include an ensemble of up to 20 while roles may be doubled for smaller productions.


 For more information, send an email.

Photos by Francesca Rizzo

R+J Forever was first produced by Masquerade Theatre Company from the 17th - 25th March 2012 at the MITP, Valletta.


2012 Production

Director - Wesley Ellul

Musical Director - Roger Tirazona

Choreographer - Colette Caruana

Original Cast

Romeo - David Chircop

Juliet - Vanessa Gatt

Cathy - Tina Rizzo

Merco - Justin Mamo

Paris - Eire Stewart

T-Bolt - Bo White

Father Laurence - Justin Kyle Camilleri

Lady Escalus - Steffi Thake

Rosaline - Bettina Paris

Nurse - Petra Sant

Mariah - Colette Caruana


Annelise Borg, Francesca Borg Costanzi, Rebecca Camilleri, Martina Cutajar, Christy Galea, Thomas Galea, Ilenia Gatt, Federica Giallombardo, Vikesh Godhwani, Simon Gravino, Gianni Grioli, Matthew Manfré, Gianella Mazzola, Ariane Micallef Borg, Philippa Mifsud, James Ryder Muscat, Iana Said, Maria Vella

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