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 Photo by Sebio Aquilina 

Treasure Island

Young Jim Hawkins is happy working at his mum's tavern - even though he isn't terribly popular with the locals. He's also head over heels in love with the Squire's only daughter - even though she was cursed to become a fish on her seventeenth birthday. One day, a strange pirate brings a map that indicates the location of a vast treasure. When Jim discovers that the loot also includes a magic voodoo amulet that can cure his beloved's curse, he embarks on a great adventure to find this mysterious island on which the treasure is buried. Like every great hero, hr travels with courage, with determination, and with his mum.

However not all is smooth sailing. Among the ship's crew is a group of dastardly cutthroats led by the enigmatic Long John Swagger. Unfortunately for Jim, his mother and their friends, the pirates also want to get their hands on the treasure and they will stop at nothing to achieve their goal.


The script may be adapted for other productions. For more information, send an email.

Photos by Sebio Aquilina

Treasure Island was first produced by the MADC from the 19th December 2015 - 3rd January 2016 at the MFCC Ta' Qali.


2015 Production

Director - Malcolm Galea

Musical Director - Paul Abela

Choreographer - Alison White

Original Cast

Mama Sufia (Dame) - Jean Pierre Busuttil

Long John Swagger - Alan Montanaro

Jim (Principal Boy) - Alexander Gatesy Lewis

Arabella (Principal Girl) - Tina Rizzo

Squire - Joseph Zammit

Salty Sue - Steffi Thake

Dr Shipshape - Katherine Brown

Captain Sniffit - Michael Mangion

Billy Bones - Joe Depasquale

Nettuna (Sidekick 1) - Rebecca Camilleri

Nettuna (Sidekick 2) - Chantelle Micallef Grimaud

Benny Gunn - Rambert Attard

Gentleman Jake - Anton Saliba

Lady Carolina - Analise Cassar

Stiletto - Cassandra Galea

Whispero - Audrey Scerri

Fazoulus Filflus - Monique Dimech Genuis

Wayne the Insane - Rambert Attard


Carly Zarb, Chaya Fenech, Clara Agius, Colleen Genovese, Gianni Grioli, Gianni Selvaggi, Hannah Grech Pirotta, Harley Mallia, Jacob Farrugia, Jasmine Farrugia, Judy Magri, Leander Schembri, Maria Cassar, Marilyn Aquilina, Michela Agius, Simon Gauci, Stephan Paul Galea, Stephen Galea

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