For the Maltese, the year 1565 conjures up images of courage, adventure and the ultimate glory of victory. From the comfortable distance of a history book, one might even be seduced into envying those people who defended their home country with such valour and strength against impossible odds. However, for those very people who lived through it, 1565 was a year of hardship, terror and sorrow - with the only respite from physical and mental exhaustion being the all but inevitable death at the hands of an unrelenting enemy.

Newly joined to the Order of the Knights of St John, Henrí is a young knight who has much to learn. He and his friend Alessandro regard life as many of their noble companions do: as a continuous banquet of adventure, women and wine. However, 1565 forces them to grow up much faster than they would have preferred. Henrí's love for Anna, the enchanting local commoner, and his subsequent realisation of the sheer hopelessness of their situation forces him to make some very harsh decisions and eventually - to make the ultimate sacrifice. But is it possible for love and life to flourish when all is overwhelmed by carnage and death?

1565 gives you an intimate view of the Great Siege of Malta through the eyes of these three youngsters who get hopelessly entangled in the ferocious tumult of history.

Duration: 120 mins

Main Cast: 4F, 8M


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Tonight The World Can Shatter from 1565 performed by Eleanor Spiteri and Cliff Zammit Stevens during1565 in Concert (2015).

A Death Worth Dying from 1565 performed by Joseph Zammit during1565 in Concert (2015).

Die Defending from 1565 performed by Riger Tirazona during 1565 in Concert (2015).

Across the Harbour from 1565 performed by Eleanor Spiteri, Georgina Abela & Joseph Zammit during Night at the Theatre (2015).

1565 was first produced by Masquerade Theatre Company on the 11th-13th February 2005 at the Mediterranean Conference Centre, Valletta.

Book & Lyrics - Malcolm Galea

Music - Paul Abela

2005 Production

Director - anthony bezzina

Musical Director - Paul Abela

Original Cast

Anna - Eleanor Spiteri / Nicola Said

Henrí - Cliff Zammit Stevens

La Valette - John Marinelli

Alessandro - Roger Tirazona

Cecile - Karen Polidano

Polastron - Ludwig Galea

Maria - Georgina Abela

Catherine - Julie Zahra

La Cerda - Steve Hili

Hassan - Ivan De Battista

Broglia - Daniel Anthony Debono

Starkey - Marc Spiteri


Martina Abela, Ryan Abela, Alan Azzopardi, Martin Azzopardi, Theresienne Bezzina, Sharon Bezzina, Victor Bonanno, Maris Bonello, Anthony Bonnici, Jeremy Borg Grech, Sean Briffa, Marco Calleja, Stephen Calleja, Gino Camilleri, Thomas Camilleri, Analise Cassar, Hollie Cassar, Josette Cassar, Lisa Cassar, Alison Catania, Antoine Cefai, Joanna Cini, Klinsmann Coleiro, Marilyn Custo, Rachel Darmanin Demajo, Sandrina Degabriele, Joanna Demarco, Kelly Desira, Renato Dimech, Carmel Duca, Simone Ellul, David Ellul Mercer, Frances Catherine Farrugia, Emma Fenech, Redeemer Fenech, Joan Galea, Malcolm Galea, Paula Galea, Rebecca Galea, Roberta Galea, Paula Gera, Jana Grech, Ryan Grech, Margaret Hampton, Shawn James, Matthew Manfré, Clayton Mercieca, Petra Micallef, Brian Mifsud, Victoria Privitera, Lauro Raimondo, Nikovich Sammut, Michelle Sant, Jean Paul Sciberras, James Spiteri, Keith Spiteri, Justine Storace, Erin Tanti, Mary Tirazona, Josette Vella, Patrick Vella, Marika Warrington, Carmen Zahra, Alessia Zammit, Andrew Zammit, Frank Zammit


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